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Online management consulting training

Leap Pro

LEAP pro is a 4-week course that teaches business problem-solving to professionals. Requires 1 hour of study everyday for 4 weeks

Enrolment starts January 2021

"A real taste-of-life as a management consultant with all its pros and cons. A great program to make your first step and benchmark yourself against your peers while being guided by seasoned professionals."

Supply chain specialist
Leap Pro includes
30 Hours of course content
20 + Training modules
100 + Problem solving drills
4 Custom tests – For targeted improvement

Learn the secrets

A four-week intensive learning experience to help you think & solve problems like a strategy consultant

Week 1

Structured Problem-Solving

  • Learn how to break-down a problem to its components
  • Learn how to create and test hypothesis

Business Knowledge

  • Learn business frameworks for organizing complex problems
  • Learn the fundamentals in finance and accounting


  • 15+ drills
  • Problem-solving drills to train to think structurally
Week 2

Working with Data

  • Comfortability with graphs, charts, and tables
  • Excel skills required by consultants

Business Functions

  • Understand the purpose of business functions within organizations for effective management
  • KPIs for each business functions


  • 15+ drills
  • Training drills to help you work more efficiently with data
Week 3

Synthesis & So What

  • How to extract insights from analysis and weave a story for an audience
  • 'So-what' – What are the implications of the insights

Create Client-Ready Presentations

  • How to communicate on a slide with visual and text
  • How to write slide-heading for maximum impact


  • 15+ drills
  • Drills to improve your synthesis and recommendations skills
Week 4

Consulting Principles

  • How to conduct structured brainstorming for complex problem solving
  • Pointers to improve your business acumen

Knowledge & Creativity

  • Learn about established industries and its trends to widen your thinking
  • Understand each industry's earning logic and cost drivers


  • 15+ drills
  • Drills to help you think and solve problems like a consultant

Aimed at Professionals

This course is suitable for anyone looking to upskill progress in their career. Professionals from any background can enrol in this program.

  • Sales lead
  • Marketing manager
  • Supply chain head and more..
  • Logistics in charge
  • Operations engineering
  • Quality control and more..
  • Product designer
  • UX designer
  • Advertising professionals and more..

Enrol today

Hear what our past course-takers say about us, and take advantage of this limited-time offer.

Enrolment starts January 2021

LEAP has been instrumental in gaining meaningful insights in business strategy, analysis and communications. I would recommend it to students who are hoping to gain a well-rounded experience in the management consulting world.

Supply chain specialist

A real taste-of-life as a management consultant with all its pros and cons. A great program to make your first step and benchmark yourself against your peers while being guided by seasoned professionals.

Supply chain specialist
Teaching assistant

LEAP training has helped me to realize what the consulting job entails. During the program, I could not only refresh some of the key business concepts but also apply these concepts in a completely new way. I also greatly improved my structured thinking and case solving skills.

Teaching assistant
Finance intern

The training program was an outstanding learning experience for me. The program helped me to improve myself in areas that are essential in consulting and increased my enthusiasm of pursuing a career in management consulting.

Finance intern
Consulting intern

The LEAP was extremely well executed and I had a pleasure completing it. The LEAP is an essential help for learning the consulting fundamentals and for personal growth. It does an amazing job of identifying your weaknesses and improving them with the help of staff and other participants. I would definitely recommend the LEAP for anyone who considers a career in consulting or just wants to find out what it's all about!

Consulting intern
Self-paced online course
299 499
  • 2-month access to the training platform
  • Weekly live Q&A calls with course creators
  • 40 hrs of additional targeted practise training

About us

Leap Pro is a training program created by StrategyCo.Global.

StrategyCo.Global is a management consulting company based in Helsinki, Finland. StrategyCo.Global's team of management consultants has identified key topics for effective business problem-solving and has created a comprehensive training module to train professionals. This course is an outcome of research and testing of over 2+ years, where StrategyCo.Global has trained 100+ analysts using its proprietary approach.

The training material is created and presented in a manner that any professionals can make use of this course and positively impact their career or business.